Who Is Scott Lindgren? Kayakar Wikipedia And Net Worth

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Who Is Scott Lindgren Wife? Kayaker’s story The River Runner premiered on Netflix on August 25, 2021.

Scott Lindgren is a professional kayaker and filmmaker. He is known for pulling off first ascents in and around the Himalayas and being an expedition kayaker. He went to the deepest river canyon and last major unexplored river in the world, Tsangpo, and pulled off the Everest of rivers. It took 45 days for seven men in the kayaks to accomplish the journey.

Scott Lindgren was just 12 when he started exploring rivers. He went to the Snake River, Wyoming on a family trip. He started traveling with his kayak at 18 and went to the Himalayas at the age of 19. Lindgren kayaks 250 days a year and goes to the mountain to train, reports SFGATE.

Who Is Scott Lindgren Wife?

Scott Lindgren’s wife is Rachael Weiner.

Rachael and Scott have two children together. She is active on Instagram under the username @yogawatergirl. Looking at Rachael’s Instagram account, she also seems to enjoy traveling and outdoor activities just like her husband.

Lindgren lives in Meadow Vista, near Auburn with his family.

Is Scott Lindgren On Wikipedia?

Scott Lindgren is not on Wikipedia. One can read about Lindgren’s biography on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

However, Scott Lindgren is active on Instagram with more than 10.1k followers. His Instagram username is @scottlindgren_. Scott’s Instagram bio says mountains, rivers, and oceans are his passion.

Lindgren’s documentary, The River Runner, was recently released on Netflix. In the documentary, Lindgren sets out to become the first person to paddle rivers originating from Mount Kailash.

What is Scott Lindgren Age?

Scott Lindgren’s age is 49 years in 2021.

Further details about Lindgren’s date of birth and exact birthday are currently private.

Talking about his height, Scott Lindgren is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Scott Lindgren Net Worth Details Explored

Scott Lindgren’s net worth details are currently private.

Lindgren has an IMDb profile with details of his career. Scott has worked as a cinematographer for documentaries such as The River Runner, Ten Adventures of a Lifetime, Liquid Lifestyles 3: Spawning Grounds, Into the Tsangpo Gorge, and Three Great American Adventures.

Scott Lindgren has also worked as a producer for several documentaries and TV series including, Ultimate Rush and Where the Trail Ends. He worked as a director, writer, and editor for TV Movie documentaries Liquid Lifestyles 3: Spawning Grounds and Into the Tsangpo Gorge.