Who Is Simone Recasner? Details To Know About The Big Leap Actress Parents And Family

simone recasner parents

Simone Recasner Is well known as The Big Leap Actress. Let us learn more about her Age, Wikipedia, Parents, and Instagram.

Simone Recasner is an American professional actress who is now trending on the Internet and making ripples in the press and media after announcing her participation in Fox’s Big Leap 2021.

The actress made her debut in the entertainment sector in 2017 as Nicole in the short film Reflections.

She has had four acting credits on her IMDB page since then. Sink Sank Sunk in the role of Mia and tech Bae in the role of Que are two instances of her work.

Who Are Simone Recasner Parents? Mother Name Revealed

Simone Recasner has not revealed her mother’s name and other details out in the media yet.

She has not mentioned her relation with her mother to date. However, her father is a  popular entertainer Ron Recasner.

Ron Recasner is a writer and actor best known for his roles in 2010: The Year We Make Contact, Friends, and Hill Street Blues.

She is also related to Marie-Alise Recasner. She is Dorothy Recasner’s cousin, as well as Kirk Podell and Antonio Trischitta’s aunt.

However, information about her mother has not yet reached the top, and she has not yet shared her spotlight with other members of her family.

Simone Recasner Age

The precise age of Simone Recasner is unknown to the general public.

However, based on her appearance and career, she appears to be between the ages of 25 and 30 years.

Likewise, she was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She was born in the United States of America.

Due to a lack of knowledge regarding the actress’s true birthdate, fans and following are having difficulty greeting her on her birthday.

She was inserted in the path of acting from a very early age. In spite of that, she is still a very dedicated person who loves her job.

Simone Recasner Wikipedia Details

Simon Recasner does not yet have an official Wikipedia article.

She has made waves across the press and media after announcing her participation in Fox’s Big Leap 2021. Hence, with her growing popularity, it won’t be long until she has her own Wikipedia profile on the web.

Simone, a native of Los Angeles, dreamed of being an actor since she was 12 years old.

The actress made her debut in the entertainment business in 2017 with her performance as Nicole in the short film Reflections; since then, she has collected four acting credits on her IMDB profile.

Meet Simone Recasner On Instagram

Simone Recasner does have her own official Instagram account under the handle Simone_Recasner, where she has a total of 1.7k followers.

She seems to be a fun outgoing person viewing through her Instagram posts. Recasner has posted more than 70 pictures on her official Instagram as well.

She seems to be quite active in her social media. Moreover, Simone also shares about her work journey along with social issues on her social media platforms.