Who is Steve Day From Baking Impossible Netflix? Meet The Baker On Instagram

steve day baking impossible

Steve Day, an American Baker and an artist belonging to his hometown Boca Raton, is among nine teams in the baking impossible reality Netflix show. His wife is not revealed yet.

Baking Impossible is a typical cooking competition show that is expected to be an experiment for new baking inventions. The show combines baker and engineer in each team in order to bring out the artistically delicious result.

The winner of the show is going to receive a reward of $100,000. Every team was given challenging tasks that would be full of fun for the contestants and viewers.

Steve has been able to turn his love of woodcutting into his day job as a chief pastry artist. On top of that, he’s fond of cooking other cuisines as well. This show is going to be the best platform for an artist like him.

Who is Steve Day From Baking Impossible Netflix?

Steve Day is a middle-aged American baker baking the most delicious and artistic pastries on the Netflix show ‘Baking Impossible’ with his teammate Renee.

Steve is a Pastry artist at the Boca Raton Resort who has a hobby of creating artistic pastries. He makes his designs look like wood in the shape of any random thing like a pen.

He was covered by a magazine being titled as an innovative pastry chef. His Instagram reveals that he is an animal lover, and he pets a cat and a dog at his home.

Steve Day: Age and Instagram

Steve Day is a middle-aged man whose age is yet to be known. He might be around 50 years.

He has an Instagram account called @bocapastry.

The @bocapastry page has 974 followers. He posts all his bakeries. The posts are mostly related to his professional less to his personal life.

He has another Instagram account in the name of @bocapastryturnswood. It is based on his artistic bakeries that look like wood. The page reveals his new hobby of woodturning.

Steve Day: Family and Marital status

Steve Day has a beautiful daughter, and he is proud of her. His current marital status is not revealed yet.

He has a friend named Tyler from 5150 chocolates Delray Beach.

He has a fantastic ability to turn the pastry into any shape, whether a guitar or castle.