Who Was Anthony Huber? – Wikipedia Criminal History – Where Did He Live?

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Kenisha Protest shooting victim Anthony Huber was 26 years old. He was shot to death on August 25, 2020, said his girlfriend, Hannah Gittings. See his Wikipedia and Kyle Rittenhouse criminal history.

Anthony Huber was a native of the US. He was a victim of the Kenosha shooting that happened on Tuesday last year.

The Illinois native Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested and charged with three murders, including Huber. The other two victims were Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and injured Gaige Grosskreutz.

When the deadly shooting occurred, Huber and his girlfriend were in Kenosha. According to his girlfriend’s statements, Anthony has no weapon or gun in his hand but has a skateboard. When he saw an armed man, who is believed to be Kyle, was holding the automated rifle.

As per CBS 58, Anthony’s family filed a lawsuit against Kenosha Police Department and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department.

Who Was Anthony Huber? Wikipedia Biography

Anthony was a victim of the Kenosha protest shooting. The shooter was Kyle Rittenhouse.

Further, Anthony has no legit Wikipedia page, but his bio is available right here in this informative article.

Anthony’s father, John Huber, was heartbroken after his son’s sudden death. He blamed Kenosha police for his son’s demise, said in a statement. If the Kenosha Police department have done their duty sincerely, today, his son would be alive.

Anthony Huber Was Shot By Kyle Rittenhouse In Kenosha, Wisconsin Protest Last Year

Anthony, 26, was killed by Kyle Rittenhouse last year. He was 17 at that time.

Talking about his love life, Anthony has a girlfriend named Hannah Gittings. As per her reports, Anthony did a heroic thing. He protected her and the people who were standing nearby.

According to NPR, prosecutors will ask to add a few charges against Kyle Rittenhouse. He currently faced six felony charges. The legal experts said that lesser charges could include reckless homicide rather than intentional homicide.

Anthony Huber Criminal History Discussed: Where Did He Live?

Anthony has a disorderly conduct conviction from 2018 as a domestic abuse repeater as his criminal record.

He was a citizen of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Similarly, Kyle has a criminal record. He was a prime suspect of the fatal shooting and was charged with two murders and one attempted murder.

By taking a look at tabloids, Anthony loved skateboarding. When he was at the shooting area, he was holding a skateboard. Well, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.