Who Was The First Hollywood Actress To Appear On A U.S. Postage Stamp?


Introduction: The First Hollywood Actress

Grace Kelly was the first Hollywood actress to appear on a U.S. postage stamp was born into a prosperous Irish Catholic family lived in Philadelphia. Her father was famous as John B. Kelly was a gold-medal winning oarsman. Her uncle George Kelly was a playwright or an author. She was studied in convent and private schools prior to attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City in 1947. She also worked as a model of a photographer model to pay her schooling fee.

A Brief History: Start Up

After more than a few seasons of acting in summer stock, Kelly complete her Broadway first appearance in November 1949 in August Strindberg’s The Father. She was cast in a lot of television dramas in the near the beginning 1950s. In 1951 she made her movie debut, appearing in a small role in Fourteen Hours. The next year she gave a burst through presentation as Gary Cooper’s Quaker wife in High Noon.

Stylish and graceful movie star Grace Kelly was not just a dazzling beauty but a talented performer, so some might be amazed to find out that her film profession lasted just five years. At some stage in those years, the majestic blonde won an Oscar and worked with Alfred Hitchcock 3 times, in

  • Dial M for Murder
  • To Catch a Thief
  • Rear Window which is also her signature role.

The Hollywood’s huge question when she married Prince Albert Rainier of Monaco in 1956 was that either she would continue to perform or not. Fans as well as the media all wanted to be familiar with what would happen, but it seemed different after all, Rita Hayworth had establish being a princess mismatched with being a movie star and her wedding to Prince Aly Khan remained about just a few years.

Oscar Winning Performance:

Two years after winning her Oscar performance in “The Country Girl,” she left Hollywood in what seemed like the good fiction or just like real life no matter what it is. Of course fairy tales or fiction is not real, but it was exactly what the community wanted.

That was not a favorable start, but her performance led to being cast in the title role of Sinclair Lewis’s “Bethel Merriday,” on NBC’s “Philco TV Playhouse” and Variety praised her “fine thesping.” That led to even additional work. Kelly appeared in dozens of television shows in the next few years, including playing Dulcinea in “Don Quixote,” with Boris Karloff in the title role, directed by Sidney Lumet. There was also edition of Ferenc Molnar’s “The Swan,” in which she gave a masterful performance, according to Variety.

Death Of Grace Kelly:

On September 13, 1982, Princess Grace Kelly suffered a stroke while driving on a twisting road at Cap-d’Ail in the Côte d’Azur region of France. She misplaced control of the car and plunged down a 45-foot (14-metre) edge. The next day Princess Grace died. Her daughter Stéphanie, who was also in the vehicle, suffered barely minor injuries.