Who Was The First To Be Deported After A Confrontation Between Gabo Cuevas And Bella De La Vega


After the emotions and passions that you aroused Axelon Mexico, TV Azteca returns to the battle with a new project Which promises to keep the viewer on the edge of the seat with extreme circles and outgoing celebs.

Survivor Mexico, Conducted by Carlos Guerrero A longtime acquaintance of sports journalism, he spent a night full of controversy, struggle and rhetoric. And it is that it happened this Sunday, April 11th First exit of the season.

Mourning for salvation in this presentation is called ‘The extinction game’ It has starred in two of the most controversial competitors in recent days. We refer to Gabriel Cuevas and Bella de la Vega. He, a journalist collaborating with shows like “Venga La Alegría” is a model, actress and former partner of the late José ngel García, father of the famous actor Gael García.

Before the extinction game, Participants had a somewhat restless and convulsive week, Mainly Gabo Cuevas, who made a bad name for himself on social media due to his criticisms in the show business.

In class on Friday, April 9th, mates from Jaguar tribe I decided to judge Cuevas with 9 out of 11 votesThe score that sent the entertainer journalist to try the first elimination challenge. The main reason to judge peers Gabo It is that they assert that they do not support the gossip and the conflicts it caused on the yellow team. Additionally, the caller charged Treachery knives and tie knives In the team.

(Foto: Twitter / @exico_vivor)

For this part, Bella de la Vega, Who was sentenced Alcón Tribe, Team founded on green. The results at the time of the verdict were brutal. Well, the 40-year-old actress got 11 votes against it.

Now, head-to-head, they had to compete to keep their spot on a reality show that included exciting and emotional fights. Carlos Guerrero, better known as “the fighter” It was announced that both artists had to go into a duel.

The removal competition involved, on a workbench, placing a series of woodblocks in such a way that a Domino effectThis is so that at the end of the course a ball fell into a board and broke it. The first competitor to achieve this goal will keep their place in the competition.

(Foto: Twitter / @exico_vivor)

The duel was honest, full of enthusiasm and emotion. Both competitors put their best efforts in the arena to be able to come out with a win. In the end, after a series of failed attempts on both sides, First Elimination from Survivor Mexico 2021 was Gabriel Cuevas.

It should be noted that Daniel Curtis He was questioned by Carlos Guerrero to see if he would use the joker to save Gabo Cuevas, but the bodybuilder’s answer was negative, stating that it was not time to use it and that “There was nothing personal.”

The 40-year-old actress, who was the winner of the duel, took part in some seasons Guadalupe Rose Join him Survivor Mexico Two months after the death of her husband, Jose Angel Garcia; Her participation in a survival show is considered A way to rediscover itself.

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