Why You Should Grind Dungeons for Leveling in Burning Crusade Classic

Grind Dungeons

Leveling up in WoW Burning Crusade Classic is a lengthy process that players have to get through if they want to seek their teeth into that luscious endgame content that’s waiting for them. To put it simply, half of the battle is trying to reach the maximum level in the game. This is an easy feat for the vanilla version of World of Warcraft, but unfortunately, the content in WoW TBC is an entirely different case. It’s going to take a lot of time before players even reach the tip of the endgame. When the Outland was open for players, the quests are immediately appealing and tempting to take. It’s easy to hoard quests as players try to tick them off in one scenario – it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. However, if they truly want to get the most out of their path, it’s worth doing the grinding in the dungeons instead. Thanks to the community behind WoW Classic, they have managed to find creative ways to use dungeons as a way to reach max level minus the inefficiency. This also lets players get a lot of WoW TBC Classic gold in the process.

The Problem with Quests Right Now

Almost always there are thousands of players swarming the Dark Portal trying to kill as many monsters as they can. While swimming with the massive hoard of other players is great, it poses a major problem: it makes the process of questing a nightmare. There are only a handful of quests in the Hellfire Peninsula, one of the first zones that players try to farm WoW TBC gold in, and with everyone trying to complete those quests, things can get pretty boring quickly. More often than not, these quests require the players to kill monsters or simply interact with some of the objectives that spawn randomly in the world. This can lead to a monotonous journey that easily gets staler the more a player does it. Plus, the combination of many players inside a zone and Burning Crusade Classic not letting players share the credit for killing a monster can make for a sour experience. This is because whoever damages the monsters first gets all of the experience and WoW TBC Classic Gold, resulting in players constantly at each other’s throats to attack monsters first. Since the spawn time of the monsters is quite slow, players spend more time waiting for the monsters to spawn than when they actually kill them. All in all, doing quests is a massive waste of time and energy, which is why grinding on dungeons is a far better alternative.

Why Dungeons Are a Great Option for Grinding

Dungeons in Burning Crusade Classic are instanced and designed for a group to complete. All a player needs to go into a dungeon is four other players which are arguably easy to find right now. Gone are the days where players are constantly at each other’s throats because, in dungeons, everyone gets to earn a ton of experience points and even powerful loot that’s not available anywhere else. Perhaps the best part about dungeons in WoW TBC is that it’s possible to run them as much as a group wants, making it an efficient way to level up quickly. Questing can be done mindlessly since everything can be finished alone. On the other hand, the same can’t be applied for doing dungeons. To complete runs in dungeons as quickly as possible, communication between players is required. This is because some bosses in certain dungeons are quite tricky to take down. Players will have to come up with their own unique strategies to defeat them. Not unless brainless questing is their thing, players will no doubt have much more fun when doing something that challenges them.

For those who are looking to experience dungeons for the first time, it’s recommended that they go to Hellfire Ramparts first. This is a relatively easy dungeon that’s become quite a hotspot for new players to grind a couple of levels. If players want to turn up the heat (and the challenge), then the Zangarmarsh is the perfect place to go after doing a couple of runs in the Hellfire Ramparts. 


Running dungeons can be intimidating for a first-time player, but don’t fret, because finding a group to party up within WoW TBC these days is easy. Until questing becomes a better prospect, then dungeons are the way to go to grind levels and farm tons of WoW TBC Classic gold. Plus, there are a lot of dungeons that players can go through! So if they get bored doing the runs in the same dungeon over and over again, then they can just run over to another one to freshen up the experience. What do you think farming WoW TBC gold and grinding levels in dungeons? Do you think it’s a great alternative to doing World of Warcraft quests? Let us know down below.