Why You Should Use Outrigger Pads For Cranes


    Cranes often require the use of outrigger pads to help distribute the weight of the loads. Wood is a traditional option, but is difficult to handle and looks unsightly. With the introduction of engineered outrigger pads, DICA is leading the way in outrigger pad innovation. These pads come with many unique features, including ergonomic safety and load distribution. In this article, we’ll examine how these pads work and why you should use them.

    Outrigger pads are large, durable surfaces placed under the base of cranes. They distribute the weight of the equipment more evenly and provide a larger footprint than the ground. Thousands of workers prefer this option because it helps them avoid costly accidents. In addition, outrigger pads help prevent cranes from tipping over, thereby reducing the risk of injury. For these reasons, outrigger pads are crucial. Listed below are some of the benefits. Shop outrigger crane pads now from Prime Tech Pads.

    Outrigger pads can be made of many different materials, including wood and plastic. Wood is the least stable element, and plastic absorbs moisture. Steel outrigger pads are highly durable, but are heavy and difficult to move. If you are planning to buy a new outrigger pad, make sure you buy a high-quality, engineered one. There are many other materials on the market, but the best choice for your crane will be made from a high-density plastic.

    Bigfoot Construction Equipment Inc. in Woodstock, IL offers high-quality, non-conductive outrigger pads. These pads are also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They come in round, square, and rectangular varieties. Additionally, they are easy to clean and are oil and chemical resistant. These outrigger pads are a must-have for every crane. You can’t afford to go without one.

    Aside from being lightweight, outrigger pads are also highly durable. Unlike traditional steel and wood, composite plastic outrigger pads are lightweight and much more maneuverable. They are also chemical and moisture-resistant. These outrigger pads are the best investment you can make for your crane. And they’re an excellent investment for any heavy machinery work site. So, if you need to purchase an outrigger pad for your crane, make sure to choose a reliable brand.

    A crane needs outrigger pads to ensure safe lifting. Without outrigger pads, machines that work in instable soils can flip over. These pads lift the load beneath the stabilizers on the crane and keep it level. The benefit of outrigger pads is that they help protect the soil beneath the crane from damage, while allowing you to safely work on the most delicate terrain. This is a great way to prevent accidents while on the jobsite.

    Another important reason to use outrigger pads for cranes is to ensure that the ground is level and stable. The ground should be level and free of debris or mud to prevent a crane from tipping over. Even a small divot can cause the crane to tip over. That could lead to a dangerous accident, and you want your crane to stay safe. So, what should you use to ensure the safety of your crane?

    Outrigger pads for cranes are made from various materials, depending on the load. Some are lightweight, while others are made of heavier materials. The type of material that you use will ultimately determine the weight distribution and stability of your crane. TRT Crane Outrigger Pads are available in four standard sizes, and are configured for most applications and crane sizes. Choose the one that best suits your needs. You’ll be happy you did!

    In addition to the use of outrigger pads, they are necessary for safety. The correct outrigger pad should be strong enough to spread the weight evenly and have a solid contact with the ground. In addition, it should be free from debris. Using an outrigger pad will ensure that your crane is safe and will not tip over, and it will also increase the useful surface area of the crane.

    To purchase quality outrigger pads for cranes, look for a company that specializes in these products. TRT’s crane pads are made from European steel and are easy to deploy on any job site. They come with rated lifting lugs and forklift pockets. Currently, TRT has sets of four popular crane pads for sale. They’re ready to be painted and are available in several different sizes. You can also purchase them pre-painted to match your fleet.