Will your butt have memory loss?Find out the causes and symptoms of dead butt syndrome


It’s not just your brain that will forget. Sometimes, your butt can also suffer from amnesia. This is indeed a medical condition, commonly referred to as dead butt syndrome or gluteal amnesia. As the name suggests, your hips basically forget their main function.

The root cause of gluteal amnesia is, of course, sitting for a long time and maintaining a sedentary lifestyle, which will cause the buttocks muscles to become weak. For example, if you work for a long time, sit in front of the computer without rest, or drive for a long time, you may be susceptible to dead butt syndrome. In addition, media reports claim that sleeping on either side can also weaken muscles. Poor posture is also a cause of this situation.

If your hip flexors are not stretched enough, it can also lead to dead butt syndrome. Strangely, people who run regularly are also prone to this situation. In addition, people who suffer from obesity or lack vitamin D or vitamin B12 are also prone to this disease, as are alcoholics.

The main symptoms of dead butt syndrome are pelvic and lower back pain. The best way to control this situation is to take regular breaks, do some light stretching exercises or walk a little. Good nutrition also helps prevent.