Windows 10 100 Disk Usage Reddit: How to Fix the Issue


Windows 10 100 Disk Usage Reddit: How to Fix the Issue

If you enter the keyword Windows 10 100 disk usage Reddit, you will find tons of questions along with the answers to fix the issue. When you have a computer and you use it a lot, you will face some common problems with the Operating System.

Windows 10 is not the newest breakthrough released by Microsoft but people find it very smooth and lightweight by installing the Operating System. However, some problems still show up. If you also need to know the answer for “Windows 10 100 disk usage Reddit”, you need to read this article thoroughly.

How to Check the Disk Usage

On the other hand, you at some point can find that the “very high disk usage” does not seem right compared to your activity. You will be able to check the disk usage if you  open the Task Manager.

The Processes tab shows you the overview of the utilization of the Network, Disk, Memory, and CPU of your device. If you do not do anything serious with your device, the Disk tab will be around 0. However, if something serious happened, you will see the Disk will be 100% or close to it.

Sometimes, the issue is caused by one process. However, at some point, the cause of spikes may change gradually. Here we will try to reveal the tips to fix it and things you should not try in the first place.

Do Not Ever Try These Steps

When you enter “Windows 10 100 disk usage Reddit” on the search engine, some sites may suggest these things. On the other hand, it will fix this problem but cause another serious issue later in your life.

So, if you ever read about Disabling BITS service, Disabling Windows Defender without cautions, Modifying Page File, or Disabling Windows Search as well as Superfetch, you better not do it. Those things should not have to be disabled in the first place. Other than that, those would not help to fix the issue.

How to Fix the Issue

Upgrade Firmware for SSD

If you use one or two SSDs in your device but the disk problem is haunting you, you may need to check the firmware of the SSD in the first place. Generally speaking, SSDs are pretty fast. The disk should not have to be at 100% unless you are running programs that require it.

Even if it does, the 100% number will only be there for a few seconds. To fix this issue, you can check the firmware page of the major brands according to your SSDs.

Run a Clean Boot

Have you ever run a clean boot? If this is your first time hearing the term, you should try this method then. A clean boot will show you a few startup programs and drivers. The window will show you which the third-party program installed on your computer that causes high disk usage.

You need to run this considering it will help you to fix many issues even when you do not realize the issue at all. For a quick starter, you can disable any program from the third party (usually anti-malware or anti-virus) considering it will access your disk from the first time you turn on the computer.

Upgrade RAM

If you search the “Windows 10 100 disk usage Reddit” on the search engine, you may also see this recommendation. 4GB is the most standard Ram you better install. You cannot use the RAM below that number.

Generally, if your RAM cannot take the whole activity at that time, it will split the task with your disk or SSDs. Even though the condition is only temporary, you better not let this thing happen. In the end, you will find out that you have high disk usage.

You can also set your computer to the High-Performance Power Plan. This will not give a huge change for this case. However, you can just try it after all.


We hope that the solutions above could help you to fix the problem. It is quite an inconvenience when something bothers you like disk usage. As we have mentioned earlier, you can always enter “Windows 10 100 disk usage Reddit” on the search engine box to find out what people say from the community.