Smiley Piercings Things to know before doing it


Smiley Piercing has been in fashion for two decades. But still, smiley piercings are popular among people even after two decades. They still like piercing smiley piercings than other types. Most piercings have been popular for a few days and a new pattern will replace the old after a while. But these smiling piercings have been in fashion for about two decades.

Here we will discuss the things you need to know before getting smiley face piercings.

What is a smiling piercing?

Before embarking on the smiley piercing, you must know what a brake is? You will get a thin tissue by sticking your tongue to the upper part of the teeth. It will be the presence between your gums and your lips which is known as frenulum. the piercing smiling got this name because others will only see your piercing when you smile. This surprising subtle feature of the piercing attracts people to go for it.

Since the frenulum is very thin, not everyone will get this piercing. Those with thinner frenulum skin will not get punctured. The piercer will first examine your frenulum and then decide whether or not to pierce.

Thus, you must know the whole smiley piercing process before doing it.

How much do smiling piercings hurt?

Most people think frenulum piercing is not very painful. But actually, piercing through thin skin will do you a lot of harm compared to piercing the thicker skin. You will feel a sharp pain when piercing your frenulum, but the process will be the quickest.

Some people say that the smiley face piercing hurts a lot more than other types of lip and cartilage piercings.

Smiley piercing healing process

The healing time can be expected to be 4 to 12 weeks. Although your mouth can heal quickly, it harbors various bacteria inside. Thus, one must remain cautious during the healing process. It depends on how you take care of your mouth, healing happens quickly.

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Tracking Rules

The healing process will not take much time and it is not difficult either. You face the only challenge of keeping your mouth clean and avoiding pierced jewelry snags. Here are the tips to undergo the healing process.

1. Use saline solution or salt water to rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day

It’s common for you to do other piercings that you need a saline soak. To make it easier for you, you can rinse your mouth with saline or salt water. Be sure to spend some quality time soaking the frenulum area. Even you can search for rinses that are specifically meant for oral healing reasons. Additionally, you should make sure to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the healing process.

2. Be careful when eating

The location of the piercing is somewhat difficult to manage while eating. Avoid any snagging or irritation of the piercing when eating food. You will try to avoid snagging or chafing the piercing, but that is difficult with the large initial jewelry used for the piercing. You can use these jewelry to compensate for swelling. But avoiding snags will be difficult with such bulky jewelry.

3. Try not to touch with jewelry

Some people are crazy for wanting to touch the smiley face piercing. Others even try to move the jewelry, which will lead to rejection of the piercing. Also, your hands will have harmful bacteria that will infect the piercing. Thus, you should not play with the jewelry using your hands or your tongue. Although you have the temptation to touch the new piece, you should avoid such a sensation to achieve faster healing.

Smiley Piercing Jewelry Styles

The surprising thing about this piercing is that the jewelry will be visible when you smile. There are different types of smiley piercings available in the market. Some of them include

  • pearl rings
  • Circular barbell rings
  • Curved Dumbbell Rings

Why shouldn’t I get a piercing smiley?

Although you can find smiley piercing pros, many the inconvenients will come with. Naturally, most people will have a thin frenulum, and getting it drilled seems to be difficult. If your piercer finds that your frenulum is not thick enough, he will offer you other options.

Some people can use solder for the teeth and those have to wait until they have a smiley face piercing. Since you will be adding a jewel to the frenulum, the braces will disrupt the piercing and cause problems. Thus, you have to wait until the braces have been removed.

In addition, some people suffer from oral problems like

  • Receding gum lines
  • Periodontitis
  • Enamel wear
  • Other oral infections

People with any of the above conditions should strictly avoid piercing. Jewelry will irritate your teeth and gums to further infect the above conditions.

Since the frenulum area is small, you can simply avoid drilling for later issues. The frenulum is a small area that undergoes frequent movement. So, people with a thin frenulum may simply dismiss this risky piercing. This type of piercing will not last long and most people say this piercing will be a temporary choice. Those looking for a long-time option may opt for another piercing choice.

How much will it cost?

Most smiley piercings can cost you between $30 and $90. Be sure to check that piercing tools are sterilized and this will help speed healing. In the case of oral piercings, bacteria are the main risk involved. Thus, you need to be careful in setting the right smiley piercing to avoid mouth problems.


Here are some of the advantages of piercing smiley.

  • There is no difficulty in eating
  • It gives you a different look
  • Heals quickly if you take care of it the right way
  • You can easily hide this piercing

The inconvenients:

Here are some of the cons you should know about smiley face piercing.

  • Swelling
  • Damage gums and teeth
  • Painful when piercing
  • It won’t last long
  • Get infected easily


The above article will help you to know the smiley piercing guide. After going through the article, you can decide whether you can go for the smiley face piercing or not. Most people love this piercing, it is unique among other types. Depending on your oral condition, you can choose this piercing or opt for other categories.