What is Arby’s happy hour?


At Arby’s, our Happy Hour period is between 2:00 and 5:00 PM every day we are open. Arby’s Happy Hour offers one of the most delicious yet straightforward Happy Hour menus satisfying for everyone.

Arby’s has always gone against all fast-food chain expectations; they offer no hamburgers on their menu but instead provide a delicious alternative of various assortments of bread and meats, living up to their motto “We Have the Meats.”

You’ll get deals on Arby’s happy hour delicious sliders and the famous Arby’s small curly fries. Make sure to check out the delightful secret Arby’s Secret Menu for delicious Arby’s Secret Menu items.

Arby’s Happy Hour
Happy Hour
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Arby’s happy hour
Arby’s happy hour
This portion of the day is considered the “Snack Rush.” During this time, the following items are all $1, dropping from their original price points:

All 8 of our Sliders, including Roast Beef, Jalapeño Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey, Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Corned Beef, and Pizza.

Small Curly Fries
Potato Cakes (a 2-piece)
Small Soft Drinks (we have Coca-Cola products at my location)
Small Unsweetened Ice Tea (we only have unsweetened at my location)
Snack-Size Hand-Crafted Shakes, being 12 ounces and containing no whipped cream.
The range of flavors is the following: Ultimate Chocolate, Vanilla, Jamoca (a coffee and chocolate-esque fusion), and our current specialty: Orange Cream.
Both of our Cookies, being Salted Caramel and Triple Chocolate.
Some customers believe our Cherry and Apple Turnovers should be included in this hourly promotion; however, they honestly are not. I have heard rumors about the 4-piece Mozzarella Sticks joining the Happy Hour menu, but this has not affected my location.

All participating locations may have slightly different policies, too; I’m not trying to say that this is the absolute standard by which all locations must abide. I do believe, though, that is a proper guideline. Thanks for the request to answer! It’s my 17th birthday today, but this question was worth my time.

In Tennessee, the hours are 2 pm-5 pm. The items available may vary depending on test markets. Some Arby’s have another happy hour from 9 pm-close. Most Arby’s have small drinks, snack-size shakes, small curly fries and potato cakes, cookies, and sliders for $1.00 during the happy hours.

Arby’s happy hour
Arby’s happy hour
What is Arby’s happy hour?
I don’t know if it still exists, maybe at corporate stores, but I know most of them stopped “happy hour” a couple of years ago. It used to be any value-sized item (curly fries, soda, shake), and the pretty small sliders were all only $1 from 2–5.

The Two for $5 Arby’s remarkable is not currently on the Arby’s menu, but that does not mean the franchise won’t bring it back soon. This deal was welcomed back to the Arby’s menu in January 2019, so maybe we will see the sandwich exceptional return this year.

To stay up to date on Arby’s coupons and happy hour deals, keep an eye on our news content, social media posts, and the comments below. You can also sign up for the Arby’s app to receive additional deals. They discontinued it because the company lost money from it.

1 Dollar Menu – Arby’s happy hour
The Arby’s $1 Menu offers any small curly fry, slight shake, or small drink for $1. To order, make sure to call any time between 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM and request any of the listed items for the Arby’s Happy Hour deal. Arby’s does not currently have a dollar menu or a value menu. Over the years, the fast-food restaurant has experimented with offering $1 items but has since decided to promote their specials differently.

With limited time specials, Arby’s offers customers Mix and Match Deals like Two for $5, Five for $5, and Two for $6, where you can create your combo meal and test different menu items for a lower price than you would pay if you ordered each of them individually.

1 Dollar Slider Menu – Arby’s happy hour
The Arby’s $1 Slider Menu offers any delicious Arby’s slider for $1. To order, make sure to call at any time between 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM and request any slider you wish to order, and you’ll immediately receive the Arby’s Happy Hour deal.

What kind of sliders does Arby’s have?
There are seven different sliders on the Arby’s menu, including the Buffalo Chicken Slider, Chicken ‘n Cheese Slider, Ham ‘n Cheese Slider, Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider, Pizza Slider, Roast Beef ‘n Cheese Slider, and Turkey ‘n Cheese Slider. You can order flavors Ultimate Chocolate, Jamocha, Vanilla, or Orange Cream Shake as far as shakes go.

Arby’s drink options include Coke products and iced tea. Cookie flavors are Salted Caramel and Triple Chocolate.

Dear friends, Arby’s is a leading global quick-service restaurant company operating and franchising over 3,400 restaurants worldwide. Arby’s was the first nationally franchised, coast-to-coast sandwich chain and has been serving fresh, craveable meals since it opened its doors in 1964.

Friends, Arby’s brand strives to inspire smiles through delicious experiences. We are on a never-ending quest for the perfect sandwich, starting with the Classic Roast Beef and French Dip to the deli-style Market Fresh line of sandwiches and salads.
Arby’s happy hour
We know that there may be times when you want our food to come to you, or you don’t want to wait in line. That’s why we offer convenient fast food delivery with our Valparaiso, IN location.


What is Arby’s happy hour – LOCATIONS NEARBY
Arby’s happy hour

The central happy hour special at Arby’s is from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. every day. For just $1, customers can get any:

Small potato cakes
Small curly fries
The Small shake
Small drink
Some Arby’s employees refer to happy hour as the “snack rush” part of the day. The restaurant has offered this deal on and off for many years, but it usually only stays on the menu for a limited time. You do not need Arby’s coupons to redeem this offer. Just be sure to check with your local restaurant if you’re not sure about their current deals.

Do you eat at Arby’s?
I see it as a kind of treat for some reason. The value is the same as other joints, and it just never tastes as old and nasty as, say, Burger King or McDonald’s. I like the traditional roast beef sandwiches, the cheddar thing, and the French Dip. Any with Potato Cakes. And all the sandwiches smothered in either Arby Sauce or their Horsey Sauce.

It’s really about my favorite fast-food joint, so why don’t I go more often? I’ve no clue. Maybe I thought it cost a lot, but it doesn’t, not compared to the no-longer cheap meals at the other joints. It’s all bland, of course, but where else can you get anything even resembling “French Dip?”.

It’s pretty good quality food but is higher on the fat and sodium scale. I love the menu, but it’s also a bit of a no-no for my body and heart.

arby’s happy hour
arbys happy hour
Barring that, I will occasionally have a single or double beef sandwich (hold the cheese) with horsey sauce. You’d get a coupon in the mail – five roast beef sandwiches for $5. I liked them too. I liked the potato pancakes.

But I got older. And my waistline got more extensive. So I began to cut out fast food altogether. Arby’s was one of the fast-food places that I turned my back on. Not that anything was wrong with it – I just decided I needed to eat healthier.

Arby’s is just different.

What is Arby’s happy hour
Where does Arby’s get its food?
Am I assuming you mean the corporation and not specific stores? I used to manage an Arby’s at night, and I used to help with the Truck orders. They always came on fridge/freezer trucks with separate sections of the car, so that one side was just cold for the fridge and then freezer section for the frozen.

That way, everything stays fresh. Believe it or not, Arby’s get a lot of their produce from Farms. The meat as well, it’s all fresh.

Nothing is frozen except the buns (which have to be thawed in a particular process to ensure it stays fresh after thawing on hanging racks) and the turnovers and cookies. (As well as the fries and some of the different sides, those are frozen.

Like the chicken tenders and Motz sticks.) So you can eat the meat with no worry about if it’s fresh or not because trust me, it is! It’s why Arby’s is so much more expensive than most fast food places. I may not have liked working for them, but their products were legit. =)

Is the food at Arby’s good?
I consider Arby’s roast beef sandwiches to be delicious, provided they slice the meat thinly enough. Sometimes the slicer is set thicker, perhaps to speed production, resulting in less satisfying roast beef sandwiches.

Their fries (both regular and curly) and their potato cakes are consistently excellent. I remember first encountering Arby’s in Urbana, Il, in the 1960s. It was like a deli in that they sliced the fresh beef right in front of you.

There is more significant variation in how Arby maintains these standards. Some areas are good as the original, and some it is all sitting there pre-made. The milkshakes are not so good.

Arby’s happy hour
Arby’s happy hour
What items should I avoid at Arby’s happy hour?
How could you ever avoid Arby’s? Arby’s is awesome! But as a former employee, I figure I should give some insight to make your experience less scary. Most restaurants are pretty good at keeping up with food safety standards.

However, that doesn’t always mean that the food hasn’t been contaminated or that it’s old. In some restaurants, it’s not uncommon that you might get fries that are over an hour old or chicken tenders for about the same amount of time.

Never in my short time at Arby’s did I see any significant health code violations, but there are some things to keep in mind:
The fryers that are used for curly fries are the same fryer they use for everything else. Chicken Patties, Tenders, Potato Cakes, Mozzarella sticks, etc., are all cooked in the same oil.

Even the bacon is sometimes cooked in those fryers, which is gross if you think about it (fat cooking in fat, ew). If you’re a sensitive vegetarian or eat kosher/halal, I wouldn’t recommend eating the fries unless you know that you cooked them separately. Otherwise, enjoy with caution.

Friends, Most restaurants are typically required to serve or throw out anything we cook in the fryer after 15 minutes. Only rarely will items be served to customers that sit under those heating trays for a lot longer, typically when it’s slow. If you’re unsure, you can always ask for a fresh batch of fries to make.

Better yet, wait until there’s a lunch or dinner rush because everything will be coming off the line fresh if they’re busier. It will take longer to get your order out, but those fries are guaranteed fresh.

Arby’s happy hour – Healthy Snacks for Teens
Salad Dressing (and pretty much anything with Mayonnaise) is pretty much just pure fat, so you’re better off eating your salad plain if you want to eat healthily. I’d bet that it’s healthier to eat a salad with roast beef on it instead of one smothered in ranch.

Plus, with the outbreak of E. coli in romaine lettuce, I doubt everyone would want a salad these days. Remember, you have an immune system! Even if your food comes into contact with germs, you’re not going to die by simply eating it once.

As for the worst thing you could probably eat, practically any of the market-fresh sandwiches are pretty bad choices since they have a large amount of mayo, along with sandwiches such as the Load Italian.

I would also avoid the notorious Meat Mountain because while it is a huge mountain to conquer, it packs a lot of calories and doesn’t taste that good either:

It is one I got for my birthday, and oh hell, it was hard getting this down my throat (no pun intended).

Arby’s happy hour
Arby’s happy hour
What is Arby’s happy hour?
What is on the dollar menu at Arby’s?

The items on the menu are as follows: value-sized shake, drink, and fries, Jr. Chicken Sandwich, Jr. Roast Beef, Apple or Cherry Turnover, and Jr. Ham & Cheddar Melt.

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