What is OSRS Venenatis?


Gather up your OSRS gold because we are about to prepare for an arachnid battle like no other. This guide will be taking a look at what you need to do to take down this fierce enemy, and how to prepare for it.

What is OSRS Venenatis?

In Old School Runescape, Venenatis is a big spider that dwells in the Bone Yard. With a combination of magic and melee attacks, this poisonous spider can be a challenge for players. One motivation for beating this monster is the treasonous ring that she drops. It won’t be an easy task however, as she can not only drain your prayer, but will also be able to stun you. This will cause 50 damage to the player, so prepare yourself with Protect from Magic otherwise you could end up getting one-shotted. If you need to even find OSRS items for sale to get you through this battle, then be sure to do so.

The level 464 spider boss will be found out in the Wilderness. She is actually below the level 30 Wilderness line, something that isn’t a trait with the other three bosses in this area. You will have a better chance of killing her than the other bosses as well, due to the location in which she resides. The single/multicombat area gives you a bit more safety in this fight, and will protect you from player killers to an extent.

OSRS Venenatis Attacks

There are a few attacks for you to look out for when fighting this boss. Her melee attack sees her lunging towards you, which is what takes 50 damage off you. She is also effective at range, with a magic projectile that causes up to 22 damage to you. This has full accuracy too meaning you need to be careful around it.

The Venenatis’ most powerful attack is her web attack. The spider will throw a web ball at you that deals 50 damage. This is often doubled up with either a melee or magic attack, which means that it could essentially kill you in one blow. Get Protect from Melee activated to avoid getting killed by this attack. It could also be used as a binding attack, which will cut down your attack. Another projectile she uses can drain your prayer by up to 20 points.

Skill Levels

The levels that you are at will play a big part in how successful your experience is against Venenatis. To start with, you combat level will need to be at least 80, though it’s recommended that you reach 105. Other recommended levels include 85 for hitpoints, 85 ranged, 90 strength, 85 attack, 75 defence and 94 magic. You could get away with some of those levels being lower, but if you’re going to be a worthy challenge to Venenatis then follow the guidelines for recommended levels for the best possible results.


To start with, you should spend some OSRS GP or find OSRS gold for sale to get some ruby and diamond bolts if you don’t have any already. This is assuming that you are taking the route of range, though her high defence will mean that they won’t hit otherwise. For those who are taking a melee approach you’ll have to get Verac’s set to get anywhere near her higher defences.

What your setup is doesn’t matter too much as long as you have Protect from Magic. Depending on whether you’re going for melee or ranged attacks, use Piety and Rigour respectively. Vengeance runes will aid you against her web and melee attacks. After all, these can cause hefty damage to you. Anti-poison will be crucial to this fight too, assuming that you aren’t using a serpentine helm to protect yourself from her poisonous attacks.

You can make the most of this fight by getting the spider into an area where there is multi-combat techniques occurring. At this point, you should be attacking her in the single-way location. This is a vital part of the strategy, since it will prevent other players from attacking you whilst you are battling Venenatis. If a player does appear then you will have the opportunity to teleport out of there. You may still get attacked, but only one player at a time will have the chance of attacking you.

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